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It seems like I’m the only person without a PINTEREST!

My friend Renee sent me this scarf she saw on Pinterest and asked if I could make her something similar.

We went to Walmart that same night and she picked out her yarn.

It was a really fast project because the yarn she chose was thick…much thicker than in the scarf on pinterest.

I didn’t have a pattern for the one she found on pinterest so I created my own. Mine came out longer but it can be double up on really cold days and trust me it’s been a really cold winter in SD lately!

To make the scarf I used a size J crochet hook and three skeins of Lionbrand Hometown USA yarn in Chicago Charcoal.

I chained 125 & being careful not to twist the chain joined with the first chain.

For the first round I chained 2 and HDC in each chain stitch for a total of 125 hdc.

For the second round I chained 2 and hdc in the back loop only of each hdc.

For the third round I chained 2 and hdc in the front loop only of each hdc.

I repeated the second and third round until I reached the height I wanted and then cut and weaved in the tail.

For the bow, I chained 24, and hdc in 2nd chain from hook for 22hdc.
For each row after I chained two and hdc in the back loops only in for each row (because I wasn’t crocheting in a circle I didn’t have to alternate between front and back loops like I did for the scarf).

I repeated each row until I got to the same height for the scarf.

I sewed the middle of the bow together to create the ruched(sp?) effect.

Then I chained 7, hdc in 2nd chain from hook for 5 hdc.
For next row I chained 2 and hdc in back loops only for each row until the strap was long enough to wrap around the bow and scarf and slip stitched it together to finish off


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